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BOA Visa Elite Card is a Visa Classic, debit and payment card, coupled with the Verified By Visa security feature, and linked to a Current account, targeted particularly at Elite customers. The card provides the possibility for a secondary card upon the customer’s request. The card has higher withdrawal and payment limits than the BOA Visa Blue Debit card.

  • Secure online payments via Verified by Visa (VBV)
  • 24/7 access to funds and online purchases courtesy of the large Visa worldwide network of ATMs and merchants
  • The SESAME logo guarantees transactions done at reduced or no charges on BOA Group ATM and POS terminals
  • Higher withdrawal and payment limits
  • Option available for a secondary card
  • Be a BOA customer
  • Fill in the application form at the branch. Subscription via Mobile Banking and Internet Banking to be enabled in a later phase
  • Provide required KYC documents

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